Trips for groups – accommodation and transportation

Groups of people strolling along the Old Town is an usual sight. And they’re not only students. Groups of friends, families, summer camp groups, women and men for bachelor/bachelorettes party – they all come here. So, how to choose a transport and accommodation for a large group so that it would not ruin our budged and the wonderful memories won’t be spoilt by the organisation issues.

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Krakow – how about a hostel?

A good hostel in Krakow will let us enjoy the city for a fair price. This form of accommodation is a great combination of location and price. It is essential for group trips. The requirements of a good hostel are listed below, and even though they are rather universal, one hostel fulfils them all – Draggo House.

  • The standard is the quality of the service. Even though, some do not come here to explore to hostels, the place should be clean and equipped within the standards. In Draggo House you will find much more than just that. The accommodation for groups in Krakow are on a high standard. Modern interior, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, separate bathrooms for each room, single, double and shared rooms, charging docs, night lamps and comfortable beds – all in a good price.
  • For a hostel in Krakow to be called a good place, it must have a proper location. Nice rooms are for nothing if it’s far to get anywhere. Timing – that is essential while organising a group trip. If everything is near (the main attractions at least), we might have more time for fun and relax. It’s important that a trip would be something pleasant and not a stressful point to point rush. Hostel Draggo in Krakow is by the Gołębia street in the Old Town. Two minutes to the Main Square and 8 to Wawel Castle – is there anything better?
  • A good location requires a good transportation points. Let’s hear about it below.

Transport in Krakow

A transport form and to the city is important, as well as travelling inside of it.  Hostel Droggo’s asset is that it’s close to the Main Train Station and is surrounded by bus stops for commune transport. We can walk or ride, or we can use a bus that we came in to Krakow.

Outside the city there is an airport Karków-Balice, which is for our foreign visitors.

What about individual tourists?

Although, the article focuses mainly on the group transportation and accommodation, many of the arguments apply to the individual tourists as well. Draggo House in the Old Town is welcoming them with open doors.


Why You Should Book a European River Cruise for Your Family in 2022?

Families can spend their holidays and reunions together by cruising through Europe. A European River Cruise is a great way to spend time with family members. For instance, there are many cruise lines that have family-oriented itineraries that have suite cabins, family perks, children’s activities, and reduced prices for young children. If you have been looking for a great way to explore Europe with your family, then you should try cruising.

It saves money

Cruises help families to save money and stick to a budget. This is due to the inclusive prices which cater for most things while onboard the ship. You will not have to worry about paying for activities or meals because entertainment, food, and shipboard events are usually included in the total cruise price.

There are entertainment activities for children

Many ships have supervised and structured facilities and recreation activities for teens, tweens, children, and toddlers. For instance, some ships have playrooms for kids and others have babysitting services with babysitting fees. Moreover, some ships have tailored their itineraries to feature water activities that teens can enjoy during the voyage. There is indeed something for everyone.

Grownups can relax while children are playing

Many ships have areas where only adults can take some time off to enjoy themselves and relax. It will look like a mini vacation within a vacation. These places are usually quiet with hot tubs, pools, bar services, and spas. The parents can enjoy their alone time as the children are being entertained and supervised by a dedicated team of staff in the evening. For example, some ships have programs where children have dinner then are escorted to entertainment areas where they will be supervised as the adults are left to enjoy their dessert or other activities like going in a hot tub on a starry night.

Bond and have an adventure together

You and your loved ones can explore Europe together on family-friendly onshore excursions. You can visit world-renowned museums, top tourist attraction sites, quaint little towns, historical sites and experience the different cultures and cuisines together.

Stress-free travelling

After you have booked the voyage for your family, all you have to do is show up on the embarking date and enjoy the experience. You will not have to worry about things like sightseeing tours, accommodation, entertainment or the restaurants you will dine in. You will sail along a river, visiting small and large cities and exploring the continent and you will only have to pack and unpack once.

Cruising along a river with relatives and friends may be the best way of escaping the routine of vacations and holidays. Cruising is stress-free because everything will be taken care of by the staff. Moreover, you will save money, there will be family-friendly itineraries, you may get family group discounts and you will bond with your loved ones. You and your loved ones will experience the joys of European river cruises and exploring all of the different countries. You will create new memories and traditions that will last years to come.


Solo Cruises: Your Ultimate Guide for Cruising Solo

If you’re looking to travel around the world and make new friends while you’re at it, a solo cruise is a wonderful vacation choice.

You might not want to wait for a travel partner to take you to a destination. Solo vacations can be a great way to spend time alone and introspectively.

When you travel alone, you don’t have to rough it, backpack, or plan everything yourself.

You can make your solo cruise vacation an unforgettable experience if you follow these tips once you find the best cruise deals you’re looking for.

Is it affordable to go on a solo cruise?

Taking a solo cruise does not require you to stick with a budget cruise line or spend a fortune. The good news is that you won’t have to pay the “single supplement” anymore when booking a double occupancy stateroom for just one person, which cruise lines do when someone books a double occupancy stateroom and pays an additional fee.

The price of a single stateroom can be just as affordable as other types of vacation experiences, if not more so.

How should solo travelers choose cruises?

Interested in spending time on a beach with white sand crystal-clear waters? It is likely you will be introduced to people who share your interests and a sense of adventure if you take a 7- or 10-night Caribbean cruise.

You can tour ruins thousands of years old in Greece or visit ancient churches in Italy on some of the best cruises for history buffs.

There are plenty of options for cruisers traveling alone.

How about solo cruises for seniors?

With a cruise tailored to their interests, senior citizens can experience a worry-free vacation with world-class accommodations. We offer a wide range of onboard activities, from exciting entertainment and live music to speaker series and guided meditations.

Guests on solo cruises can enjoy all the world has to offer with accessible staterooms and excursions for people of all mobility levels.

During your solo cruise, these tips will help you make new friends

The fact that you are cruising solo does not mean you will be alone. Creating memories and making friends on board is easy with these tips.

Meet the Crew on Your Solo Cruise

You can feel comfortable in a lounge while cruising solo by finding a bartender you get along with so you can have your own “local” bar.

Often you will see your cruise director walking around the ship, so get to know him. You may get insider tips on upcoming activities or entertainment if they know you are a solo cruise passenger.

The first night, go out and mingle

If you have traveled a long way to reach your solo cruise and are feeling tired from the journey, you might be tempted to unwind in your stateroom the first evening. A cruise is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and spend time in public areas.

Dining with new people is fun

The Main Restaurant and specialty restaurants are great places to meet people and enjoy a fun meal.

You will likely be fascinated by people who travel alone. They will want to know you better, and they will enhance their own dining experience by doing so. On vacation, even couples like to socialize with new people. Because you’re all travelers who love to travel, it’s easy to swap travel stories.


Reasons to use courier delivery services when traveling

Travelling is one of the most exciting activities that you can engage into. You do not only enjoy but learn about other cultures and countries. It is one of the most wholesome experiences that you can get.

However, it can also be a hassle if you have a lot of packages and baggage with you. In this regard, you can send your packages through a delivery service to the location you are travelling. Here are some of the reasons why you should do so:

Save the effort

If you are travelling and you have a lot of stuff with you, you will be required to carry it from one place to the other. It will require you to carry all the way to the airport, and then to the location where you are going. This can require a lot of effort. It can be tiring. You will be tired even before you reach the location. Thus, in order to ensure that you are not tired, you should use the delivery services.

Save costs

One of the best ways to save costs is by using courier delivery services. If you are travelling to Australia, then send parcel to Australia using these services, this is because it will save costs. Tickets which are without baggage can be much cheaper than the tickets which are with baggage. Thus, you can book those tickets and save money in the very beginning only. The saved costs can then be used in some other productive place.

Save time

Traveling with baggage and packages can consume a lot of time. You will have to go through the rigorous procedures in relation to checking which are placed on the airport. These procedures are time consuming. Thus, you should send all the baggage through courier services so that you are not required to go through these procedures on the airport. It can help you save time and enjoy your trip the most.

Safe transportation

There is a misconception that courier services are not reliable when it comes to safety and protection of the bags. This is not true. In fact, these services are more reliable compared to transporting the baggage in a passenger plane. The goods will reach your desired location in the most protected possible manner. Moreover, the chances that you lose the bag on an airport is much more than the bag getting lost in the shipping transits.

The bottom line

Above are some reasons why you should use courier services while travelling. Make sure that all your baggage is transported beforehand rather than on day of travelling. This is to ensure that you get a pleasant travelling experience.

However, in order to attain these benefits, make sure that you hire the right courier company. These companies will ensure that the baggage is transported from one place to the other in the right possible manner. It will also provide you with a reasonable cost for the services.


Top 5 things to do during your stay at Shirdi other than visiting temples

The Maharashtra state boasts of incredible places that depict immense historical significance and on that list, Sainagar or Shirdi holds the prime place. Shirdi is one of the important sites for Hindu pilgrims and the ardent devotees of Sai Baba. Being a religious person myself, visiting Shirdi was always on my checklist. Although I had quite a few opportunities to visit Maharashtra before, it was not until the last month when I finally got to visit Shirdi. Thankfully, I got three flight tickets for me and my family from a wide range of Bangalore to Shirdi flights available online at great deals and reached the devotional place without any difficulties. For many, Shirdi might just appear to be a holy spot for pilgrimage only, however, you will be glad to know this place also has amazing things where you can engage yourself during your getaway. Curious to know which they are? Then, follow the list below to find out. 

Live a parallel reality at Sai Teerth Theme Park

Sai Teerth Theme Park is a brilliantly thought and designed space and is known as the country’s first spiritual theme park. It is a newly made spot and is maintained with utmost care and dedication by the authorities. The park portrays various events related to the life of Sai Baba and other Hindu deities that fascinates both children and adolescents. Here, you can avail of their entertainment package that comprises four shows and a toy train ride that will help you witness the famous and significant temples of the place from the ride itself. There is also a fully operational cafeteria within the Park where you can satisfy your hunger pangs with quick refreshments like samosas, tea, coffee and other snacks.

Relive Sai Baba’s journey at Sai Heritage Village

Sai Heritage Village is a park designed with dummies of the villagers and Sai Baba to portray the various notable and significant details of Sai Baba’s early days. Every day, several tourists and pilgrims frequent this place for unwinding amidst nature and art. The dummies in this park are beautifully crafted and resemble the actual life of the villagers during Baba’s time. The Sai Heritage Village, besides being a spot for learning about the sage, is also a fun zone for young visitors. If you come here with your kids, there is also an elaborate Children’s Park where they can play and have a good time with other children. When I came here last month, I saw many children playing and having a fun time at the rides. Watching them playing joyously at the park, took me to my past days and I became quite nostalgic after leaving the place.  

Enjoy at the Wet and Joy Water Park

This one is ideal for a picnic spot. If you are planning to come here during the summers, this is a perfect spot to rejuvenate and refresh from a monotonous life. Upon entry, you can get your preferred package from the entrance and the price can vary for adults and children. Another important thing to note about this place is that the weekends often see a price hike on the tickets, therefore, you can plan on weekdays to enjoy the rides to the fullest at economical prices. There is also an elaborate food court within the Water Park that serves dishes of various cuisines to satisfy your tummy after a great water adventure. If you are looking for a place to have a fun-filled day with your loved ones, add Wet and Joy Water Park to your itinerary right away.  

Rejuvenate at the Jangli Maharaj Ashram

Essentially a residential school at Shirdi, Jangli Maharaj Ashram opens its gates for tourists on weekends. Located at a distance of a menial 7 km from the centre of the town, this Ashram is an ideal spot for those looking to revive their spiritual instincts which are often pressed over by worldly and materialistic requirements. The authorities do not charge a single penny from the Gurudev’s devotees on entry. With several sessions of meditation throughout the day, you will find yourself amidst a soothing atmosphere that is holy, pure, and peaceful. The sacred ceremony of Anugraha is organised on every full moon (Poornima) to observe holy rituals. Several devotees visit this place on weekends to get their souls rejuvenated at the Ashram.

Travel back in time at Dixit Wada Museum

Dixit Wada Museum is an ideal place to learn about Shirdi’s historical and religious significance. This place houses some rare monochrome photographs of Sai Baba helping others and being worshipped by the villagers. You will also see some of his garments, utensils that he used, his footwear, and his smoking pipes on display. All these artefacts along with a few manuscripts, showpieces, and albums make up for most of the exhibits in this museum. For a historical escape, this place is a perfect choice. 

These are some of the many fun activities you can engage in, while in Shirdi. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a good itinerary, incorporate these activities into your list and have both a spiritual and adventurous trip to Shirdi.