5 Must-Have Essentials for Surviving a Winter in Portland, OR

Portland is one of the most incredible cities in the country, with fantastic sights, excellent food, and locals that will leave you feeling more creative than you were when you arrived.  If you’re eager to get the most out of this city and aren’t afraid to brave the winter here, these are five must-have essentials for surviving this season in Portland!

1- Layers Every Day

The best thing you can do to keep comfortable in Portland is to wear several layers.  This allows you to slip out of a coat or two if your office is warmer or keep one jacket on if you’re just stepping into a store for a few minutes.  Not only do layers add versatility so you can be comfortable in any condition, but they also add padding in case you slip in all of the slush!

2- Grippy Boots for Rain

If you’re running around looking at Portland houses for sale, you don’t want to risk falling or slipping and getting hurt.  To protect yourself, it’s time to invest in some grippy and comfortable boots.  Brands geared towards winter wear are awesome because they come in countless styles, are incredibly comfortable, and look great while also keeping your feet warm and dry.

3- A Couple of Warm Hats

Having just one warm hat isn’t enough!  A real pro will have multiple toasty hats that will allow them to keep warm while not having to worry about washing them or keeping them dry, so they can reuse them every day.  Instead, get a couple of warm knit caps, and rotate them throughout your week.

These will keep your head warm and dry and can be tied into whatever fashion you love to wear!

4- Pocket Warming Packs

One of the worst things about visiting a chilly city, if you’re from somewhere further south, is that your extremities will always be kinda cold.  Gloves can help to some degree, but the real pros know the best thing you can buy is pocket warmers.

These can either be store-bought and activated at any time throughout the day, or you can use simpler ones that you microwave before leaving the house and last for about half an hour.  These are awesome ways to stay warm.

5- Company

Possibly the most important part of this list, having company, is a vital piece of the puzzle of surviving winter in Portland.  Cold weather drives people inside and away from the physically rewarding activities they typically enjoy.  Even worse, the diminished amounts of sunshine and warmth can lower your vitamin D levels, so your mood is even further affected.

Have friends and regularly hangouts with people outside of your household.  This will keep you entertained, mentally healthy, and able to take on anything the season throws at you!

Portland is a Dream Come True

Portland is one of the best cities for people who love staying active and working within a community.  If you want to get lost in fun and creativity while exploring the best restaurants and shops you can find, it’s time to stop in Portland!

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