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Travel Guide To Egypt For Sport Lovers

It goes without saying that Egypt is a tourist hotspot. But while there are impressive monuments and famous cities to go and visit, it’s actually a great place to go for those who are crazy about sports. With some serious dunes in the deserts along with plenty of water interests through the seas and rivers, Egypt just about has it all. For those of you who are sports junkies – this post is for you! We will be examining the top three sporting activities to do if you are planning a trip to Egypt in the near future.

All of this is covered below, but if you want to book any of them, just make sure you get local discounts from!

Scuba diving

If you like observing some of the beautiful wildlife in the seas around the world, this sporting activity is not one that you want to miss. You are far from short on options in Egypt when it comes to scuba diving too. As it happens, there are classes on offer for those that wish to improve or learn scuba diving with professionals. But for those that simply wish to scuba dive in some of the awesome seas around Egypt, you can also book guided tours where you can observe wildlife, eat great food, and just have a top-notch time in general.

On this note, there are two choices that we would recommend. For those that purely want to enhance their scuba diving skills, we would suggest checking out ‘Scuba Seekers’. This one is based in Dahab, and you can even complete accreditation with them. Alternatively, if you fancy more of a combination between honing your skills and having some fun, you may want to investigate ‘Big Blue Dahab’. Of course, there are more courses and diving experiences that you can look at, but these are two of the best without question.

Water skiing

If scuba diving doesn’t really quench your thirst for some of the more extreme sports, then water skiing is another great alternative. If you’ve never tried this sport before, it is definitely worth it – especially if you are a bit of an adrenaline seeker. There is a huge range of water skiing companies available in Egypt, with options open for beginners all the way to advanced users. Just imagine zipping through the Egyptian season your water skis, while taking in the scenery and enjoying the temperatures – what could be better?

Of course, we have a few recommendations for you too. As you might imagine, some of the best experiences are based around the cities close to the sea. This includes places such as Sharm El-Sheikh and El-Gouna, with experiences like Solaris Water Sports being a great option. There are others like the Sharm Club too, but of course, just pick an experience that suits your budget and location to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Quad-bike driving

Finally, we will now move away from the action in the water to the action on the dunes. And on that note, you can’t beat taking a quad-bike around the desert in order to get a rush and also soak up the sights. It really depends on what you are looking for when deciding on what quad-bike company to go for here. If you want to drive a fast bike and zip through the desert-like your life depended on it – they have it! But if you wanted to enjoy driving a quad-bike while checking out the pyramids, they have that too!

In our experience, two of the best quad-bike options right now include the El Sharif Safari and the quad bike tour around the Giza Pyramids. The first of these provides you with more of a thrilling quad bike ride, as you can whizz through the dunes and other terrains that can be found in this part of Egypt. Since the tours can be quite large, you are sure to have a blast and make some friends along the way. The latter provides you with a sensational view of these famous landmarks, and you have the choice of a half-day or full-day experience.


All in all, Egypt is an amazing place for those that like to enjoy some sports while taking a vacation abroad. There is certainly plenty to do, and despite the experiences offered, they aren’t overpriced by any means. This means you can have a bunch of fun, enjoy some experience, and it’s all within a decent budget – what could be better?

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Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2019

Most of us fly to European cities such as Paris, London, and Copenhagen for that English charm. Europe is filled with a history of literature and romance, making its cities some of the loveliest places to visit. In time for spring or Christmas, they are decorated with flowers, balloons and all things romance.

Europe through the eyes of a Londoner:

As a resident of London, I have seen and lived through one of the most important part of the continent. Last year, my friends and I decided to travel to Copenhagen. It was upon seeing Copenhagen that I realized that Europe has a lot to see outside of the UK. I also read some blogs on an online platform that guided me to make the right choice of visiting the best destination for myself. You can also visit and read about different places and things to do along with some amazing travel tips to enhance your knowledge. It will surely help you just as it helped me.

15 Best Places in Europe

If you are wondering what European destination you should visit this year, here is a list of top 15 best places to see in Europe.

  1. Crete, Greek Isle

Crete is known for its sky-high mountains, city nightclubs, chic boutiques and excellent hiking. I mean, what else could you expect to find on a Greek isle other than breathtakingly beautiful sandy beaches and delicious Mediterranean food? Larger than all the other islands in this archipelago, Crete should be on top of your European bucket list.

  1. Florence, Italy

Italy is known for history, art, and culture, and its city Florence tops the chart. If you are looking for a Italian getaway, Florence is the city of choice with its amazing food tours and cooking classes. These makes the city worthy of being explored. Florence is great in exploring the treasures of Tuscany.

  1. Santorini, Greece

Santorini offers one of the most summer-like fun vacation in Europe. Filled with caldera views that are as beautiful as any God-made beauty can be, the region offers amazing sunsets, hiking and trekking opportunities, boat tours, wine tastings, beaches, black volcanic beaches which are a sight themselves. Along the Mediterranean, Santorini also offers some of the most luxurious hotels in the region!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is often called a museum city because when it comes to museums. Amsterdam is so full of it, it can easily win any chart. The city is filled with museums, artworks, even the narrow houses have such beautiful fronts, gates, colours, windows, that look like a work of art on their own. From wandering through the beautiful and ancient cobbled streets to sitting on a bench beside a canal and taking in the beautiful sight of the city, there are so many ways you can explore the city.

  1. London, England

The capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is one of the most delightful and classy cities in the European region. Rich with a history that stretches as old as the Roman times, the elegant city has so many beautiful architecture, palaces, libraries and museums. Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, which is the site of British monarch coronations, the famous ‘Big Ben’ clock tower, and the London Eye observation wheel, and the Thames River, are some of the best things to see in the city.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of fascinations sited between the sea and the mountains and has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Spain. Rich with art and architecture, historical sites, it should be on top of your bucket list. The beautiful city has everything to please its visitors: the fantastical Sagrada Família church, Museum Picasso and Fundació Joan Miró feature modern art by their namesakes, filled with rich history and heritage with a hint of modern and avant-garde touch.

  1. Rome, Italy

The city filled with old-world charm is one of the most romantic cities in the world. There are so many beautiful places in Rome that you can check out with your partner. Some of these are the Borghese Gardens and its beautiful landscapes, or the Borghese Gallery to admire art from the likes of Caravaggio, Bernini, and Raphael.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Prague comes alive in winter. When the snow-peaked mountains and the famous places such as the Prague Castle and the medieval town of Pearl of Bohemia create the perfect romantic vibe, you take your loved one in front of a castle-view.

  1. Munich, Germany

Though Munich may be the most expensive city in Germany, there are a lot of free things to do that don’t require breaking your bank. You can check out free attractions like the English Garden, a variety of churches and Marienplatz, with street performers, and enjoy food from vendors and restaurants.

  1. Dublin, Ireland

Though Dublin is one of the most thriving Irish cities, and a popular vacation spot for beer drinkers, it lacks what you call an Irish culture. Instead. You will find a plethora of pubs, Grafton Street for the non-drinkers, and St. Stephen’s Green and the Dublin Zoo for the kiddos.

  1. Galway, Ireland

For a touch of the Irish culture, head to Galway. You might have head of the song Galway Girl, or seen this beautiful part of the country in the famous, and quite sad, movie P.S. I love you. In this city, you will feel Ireland, and wonderful vibe you will feel during your 90-minute drive.

  1. Nice, France

Sitting along the French Riviera, Nice offers something for every type of traveller. Spend your days visiting museums, churches and ruins, shopping until you drop or simply relaxing on the warm Mediterranean shores. The city’s vibrant nightlife scene will please most partiers, and visitors seeking out old-fashioned streets will love the charming neighbourhood of Old Town.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

The cultural mix of Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, the Turkish city is filled history, culture, nature’s beauty, music, great food, and adventure scenes. It has some of the most unique and undiscovered places, as well as things to do. One of the coolest things about the city is how it is located in both Asia, as well as Europe, which means you get to explore two continents on the price of one.

  1. Naxos, Greece

As cool as the name sounds, Naxos has the best beaches in Greece. However, it’s not just sea, sun, and sand, but also its beautiful main town Chora, and the interior of the island is sprinkled with fascinating villages and spectacular hikes.

  1. Athens

Athens is a city for history buffs and architecture fanatics. The laid-back city, incredible food, and the world-class Acropolis and Parthenon makes it all the very special. You’ll find restaurants, cafes and charming shops in cute little neighbourhoods.

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Great Tips for Visiting a Foreign Destination

Traveling to a new destination can be overwhelming, especially if the area in question is completely different to one’s current surroundings. Finding a way to take care of the uncertainties or strike a balance is crucial to the overall success of a journey.

One major element that should be considered when traveling to a new place is the level of acceptance an individual is willing to proffer to new experiences. Approaching a foreign environment with a closed mind will not only make it harder for a person to adapt to their surroundings but can also prevent them from partaking in what would have otherwise have been a pleasurable encounter with a new culture.

Here are some useful tips that can be implemented when one is traveling to new surroundings:

Conduct Adequate Research

Finding out more about the area an individual intends to visit before the occasion can help them better fit in with their surroundings upon arrival. The information needed for such an endeavor can be easily retrieved from online resources or firsthand experience in cases where the region involved has been visited by a known colleague at a previous date. The kind of data that should be accumulated involves general information such as recommended places to stay and eat, as well as convenient connections that could come in handy when tackling various complications. First-time visitors of the Big Apple, for example, might want to explore the city as soon as possible, thus finding a place that allows you to store your luggage in NY here can be quite beneficial in such circumstances.

Memorize Useful Phrases

If the area a person is traveling to features a foreign language, then it is always useful to learn a few general phrases that will help them communicate specific needs to the concerned parties once they arrive. Simple tasks such as asking for directions to the bathroom, stating one’s need for food or a drink, or finding out how secure a hotel’s luggage storage facilities are can be better accomplished with the additional use of local terminologies where possible. Those who may not want to undertake this mental exercise can simply purchase a translation dictionary for the language involved. Simple words such as saying thank you and sorry can also go a long way in establishing respectful connections that might come in handy in the future as well.

Respect the Culture

Different regions might exhibit different ideologies, beliefs, and social norms and it is essential for individuals visiting these areas to ensure that they do not downplay the importance of these practices to the community involved. Respecting the culture of any city will significantly ease the difficulty of integrating into the social construct of the location, as well as allow one to develop friendly relationships with the people of the region. Failure in such an attempt could lead to the rejection of the visitor’s presence by residents, thus further complicating any objective that brought them to those shores.

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Fly to Paris and Rekindle Your Romance

If you are a romantic, you will love the beauty and sophistication of Paris. Regardless of when you travel, this city will captivate you. If you are travelling to Paris for a short amount of time, you will need to plan your travel accordingly.

For example, many couples like to book travel over three days–such as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can create an itinerary to target one of the following categories:

  • Top attractions
  • A relaxed getaway that includes visiting some of the famous palaces and churches
  • Shopping and major attractions
  • Top museums
  • Paris parks

For instance, if your itinerary covers top attractions, you will undoubtedly want to include the Eiffel Tower. This historical landmark was built by Gustave Eiffel, a French engineer. The engineer was already known at the time for building bridges. The monument was erected for the 1889 World Exhibition. To make the most of your time, you should purchase Eiffel Tower tickets in advance.

Review the Listing of Flights Online

You also want to make sure you review the listing of BMI flights to Paris. This can be done more easily if you book travel online. That way, you can incorporate your flight schedule with your itinerary. Another activity you will want to include on your Paris itinerary is a river cruise. Cruises are offered regularly on the beautiful Seine. Taking a boat up the river is an ideal way to get introduced to the city. When you take a cruise, you can see landmarks and buildings that cannot be seen as readily by land.

The Rodin Museum

If you want to enjoy the culture of the city, you will want to include the Rodin Museum on your itinerary. The museum features some of the most important works of Rodin, such as “The Thinker.” The garden surrounding the building is shady, beautiful, and provides a nice escape for people in love.

The Arc de Triomphe

Another fantastic attraction to see is the Arc de Triomphe. The landmark, which was inspired by the Arch of Titus in Rome, is the world’s’ tallest and largest structure of its type in the world. Like the Eiffel tower, you should obtain tickets ahead of time to save time and money.

Take Advantage of Other Travel Services

Once you arrive in Paris, you will also find a number of cafes and restaurants that you will want to visit. You also have to plan your accommodation. You can obtain weekend deals for hotels if you make plans in advance. When booking a flight, you can manage the booking more easily if you take advantage of check-ins online and other services, such as hiring a vehicle. By staying well-organised, you will enjoy your Paris escape that much more. Book a flight and make plans to see Paris today.

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Have a Whale of a Time This Summer

Making plans with the family can lead to major stress. Every person has a different idea of fun and different plans for whatever destination you have in mind. This one is focused on food, and that one wants to go to a show, and the others want to be outside.

Sometimes it feels as though you can never win but this summer, we want it to be different. Often, the best experiences are the ones that you can find in the simplest way. Checking out the nature wherever you vacation is always a way to truly feel as though you’ve experienced the location and had the fun that you deserve.

What Kind of Nature Will Offer Fun for The Whole Family?

There is one thing that interests almost every generation and that is animals. Everyone can get on board with seeing a stunning creature and it is even better if they are unique to where you are and larger than life. That is where whale watching comes in. Completely mesmerising and memorable, whale watching in Sydney will be an experience that your family is talking about for years to come.

One of the most exciting parts of whale watching is the wait. You will all be looking together and searching for these majestic creatures. It will bring you together and make you feel completely connected to the experience as much as the guides who will take you out on the water. See if you can plan your trip around one of the natural migrations of the humpbacks from Antarctica to Queensland to catch a glimpse of a completely one-of-a-kind experience.

What Important Aspects of Whale Watching Should You Consider?

Whale watching is an amazing experience but it is all about being in the right place at the right time. You want to make sure that you book your experience with a company that will know the natural migration paths and be able to pass on knowledge about the beautiful creatures that you will be witnessing. There is nothing worse than getting ready to see something amazing only to realise that you have been ripped off by a company that is not knowledgeable about whales and just wanted your money.

You also want to go with a guide who will not only help you see the whales but will be able to point out all of the species along the way. Sydney is full of marine wildlife and all of it will be stunning and breathtaking. Learn as you watch and experience something that is akin to taking a dive into the wildlife channel.

Don’t just plan a trip this summer but plan an experience for you and your loved ones. The whales will be waiting.