Why Put Miles On Your Own Car When You Can Put Them On A Rental car.

Buying a car and maintaining it can be really expensive and when you think of the overheads just to have it parked in the drive, it is mind blowing! First, it needs to have a tax disc for it to be road legal and to get the tax disc, you would have had to put the car through an MOT.. Then, it must have at least third party insurance and it needs to have fuel in it in case you want to go somewhere. All these costs are incurred and you haven’t even started it yet.

Rental car

If you are an occasional driver of a car, then it probably would make more sense if you were to hire one. It’s not as expensive as people would have you believe and if you contact your local discounted car rental company in Melksham, they can tell you all about the cars that they currently have available to rent and the very affordable prices. The longer you rent it, the cheaper it becomes. Renting instead of buying has its advantages.

  1. The car is always mechanically sound and ready to go. When you rent a car, it will come with a full tank of fuel, all fluids have been checked and all you need to do is to turn the key and start the engine.
  2. Rather than use your own car for that long business trip and put all those miles up on the clock, why not rent one and let their car cover the miles.

Renting makes more financial sense than buying and you get to choose a different car every time.

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