What to do in Captiva Islands

What to do in Captiva Islands

Captiva Islands is the most exciting location in Florida where the best beach of this part of the world is located. You can drive to this place from various locations in the US. Thus, it is quite easy and hassle-free to reach there. So, if you are looking for a road trip and a weekend full of beach fun, you must select Captiva Islands as your next vacation spot.

Here is what you can do in Captiva Islands

A weekend in Captiva Islands can be unlimited fun. The vacation spot has Captiva Island rentals to stay in relaxed mode, beaches clean and exclusive, mesmerizing sunset points, and unlimited choices in sea sports. Apart from these regular spots, you can make your stay in these islands memorable by indulging in these activities:

  1. Dinner and sun set

There are various rentals that have spacious terraces from where you can watch the sunset and have long, leisurely dinner with the loved ones. Also, you can transport the whole setting to the beach and have an unforgettable view of sun setting and spreading its red beauty all around.

  1. Kayaking

This is one of the most common sea sports but certainly the most exciting ones that you can go for at Captiva Islands. Cruising through mangroves and savoring nature and fauna in its raw appeal, you get a natural work out for your arms and the core. Kayaking allows you staying in waters for longer hours enabling you have the outstanding views from the best angles.

  1. Be a part of Sanibel Stoop

Sanibel is the sister island and located a bridge apart from the Captiva Island. Both islands are the hotspots for collecting shells of various sizes and interesting shapes. Because all are busy stooping and collecting shells, the scene has won the title Sanibel Stoop.

So, come close to nature and be a part of it by planning a vacation to Captiva Island. It is easy, hassle-free and most exciting vacation idea that will surely work for loners as well as gregarious beings.

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