Trips for groups – accommodation and transportation

Groups of people strolling along the Old Town is an usual sight. And they’re not only students. Groups of friends, families, summer camp groups, women and men for bachelor/bachelorettes party – they all come here. So, how to choose a transport and accommodation for a large group so that it would not ruin our budged and the wonderful memories won’t be spoilt by the organisation issues.

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Krakow – how about a hostel?

A good hostel in Krakow will let us enjoy the city for a fair price. This form of accommodation is a great combination of location and price. It is essential for group trips. The requirements of a good hostel are listed below, and even though they are rather universal, one hostel fulfils them all – Draggo House.

  • The standard is the quality of the service. Even though, some do not come here to explore to hostels, the place should be clean and equipped within the standards. In Draggo House you will find much more than just that. The accommodation for groups in Krakow are on a high standard. Modern interior, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, separate bathrooms for each room, single, double and shared rooms, charging docs, night lamps and comfortable beds – all in a good price.
  • For a hostel in Krakow to be called a good place, it must have a proper location. Nice rooms are for nothing if it’s far to get anywhere. Timing – that is essential while organising a group trip. If everything is near (the main attractions at least), we might have more time for fun and relax. It’s important that a trip would be something pleasant and not a stressful point to point rush. Hostel Draggo in Krakow is by the Gołębia street in the Old Town. Two minutes to the Main Square and 8 to Wawel Castle – is there anything better?
  • A good location requires a good transportation points. Let’s hear about it below.

Transport in Krakow

A transport form and to the city is important, as well as travelling inside of it. Hostel Droggo’s asset is that it’s close to the Main Train Station and is surrounded by bus stops for commune transport. We can walk or ride, or we can use a bus that we came in to Krakow.

Outside the city there is an airport Karków-Balice, which is for our foreign visitors.

What about individual tourists?

Although, the article focuses mainly on the group transportation and accommodation, many of the arguments apply to the individual tourists as well. Draggo House in the Old Town is welcoming them with open doors.

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