Travel Guide To Egypt For Sport Lovers

It goes without saying that Egypt is a tourist hotspot. But while there are impressive monuments and famous cities to go and visit, it’s actually a great place to go for those who are crazy about sports. With some serious dunes in the deserts along with plenty of water interests through the seas and rivers, Egypt just about has it all. For those of you who are sports junkies – this post is for you! We will be examining the top three sporting activities to do if you are planning a trip to Egypt in the near future.

All of this is covered below, but if you want to book any of them, just make sure you get local discounts from!

Scuba diving

If you like observing some of the beautiful wildlife in the seas around the world, this sporting activity is not one that you want to miss. You are far from short on options in Egypt when it comes to scuba diving too. As it happens, there are classes on offer for those that wish to improve or learn scuba diving with professionals. But for those that simply wish to scuba dive in some of the awesome seas around Egypt, you can also book guided tours where you can observe wildlife, eat great food, and just have a top-notch time in general.

On this note, there are two choices that we would recommend. For those that purely want to enhance their scuba diving skills, we would suggest checking out ‘Scuba Seekers’. This one is based in Dahab, and you can even complete accreditation with them. Alternatively, if you fancy more of a combination between honing your skills and having some fun, you may want to investigate ‘Big Blue Dahab’. Of course, there are more courses and diving experiences that you can look at, but these are two of the best without question.

Water skiing

If scuba diving doesn’t really quench your thirst for some of the more extreme sports, then water skiing is another great alternative. If you’ve never tried this sport before, it is definitely worth it – especially if you are a bit of an adrenaline seeker. There is a huge range of water skiing companies available in Egypt, with options open for beginners all the way to advanced users. Just imagine zipping through the Egyptian season your water skis, while taking in the scenery and enjoying the temperatures – what could be better?

Of course, we have a few recommendations for you too. As you might imagine, some of the best experiences are based around the cities close to the sea. This includes places such as Sharm El-Sheikh and El-Gouna, with experiences like Solaris Water Sports being a great option. There are others like the Sharm Club too, but of course, just pick an experience that suits your budget and location to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Quad-bike driving

Finally, we will now move away from the action in the water to the action on the dunes. And on that note, you can’t beat taking a quad-bike around the desert in order to get a rush and also soak up the sights. It really depends on what you are looking for when deciding on what quad-bike company to go for here. If you want to drive a fast bike and zip through the desert-like your life depended on it – they have it! But if you wanted to enjoy driving a quad-bike while checking out the pyramids, they have that too!

In our experience, two of the best quad-bike options right now include the El Sharif Safari and the quad bike tour around the Giza Pyramids. The first of these provides you with more of a thrilling quad bike ride, as you can whizz through the dunes and other terrains that can be found in this part of Egypt. Since the tours can be quite large, you are sure to have a blast and make some friends along the way. The latter provides you with a sensational view of these famous landmarks, and you have the choice of a half-day or full-day experience.


All in all, Egypt is an amazing place for those that like to enjoy some sports while taking a vacation abroad. There is certainly plenty to do, and despite the experiences offered, they aren’t overpriced by any means. This means you can have a bunch of fun, enjoy some experience, and it’s all within a decent budget – what could be better?

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