Top hiking destinations in the US

One of the greatest countries in the world for hiking, America has a variety of destinations that are each unique in terms of terrain and vibe. There are so many regions throughout this vast nation that you could plan a dozen different motorhome rental adventures and still not hit up all the best hiking spots. When planning a hiking trip in the US, it’s always best to zero in on one particular region to concentrate on. This region should have an abundance of trails and hiking opportunities to keep you busy throughout your stay. Fortunately for US travelers, there are many such regions throughout the country that would be perfect for such a stay. If you’re planning a hiking journey, then you should most definitely consider these regions which will give you plenty of trails, stunning sights, and a variety of terrain that makes for the perfect hiking getaway.

Yellowstone/Grand Tetons

If you are looking for a true western camping experience, then look no further than this unbelievable stretch of Wyoming territory. Here you can camp in vast meadows, in lush pine forests, or at the base of incredible mountain ranges such as the Grand Tetons. Full of diverse wildlife and an abundance of activities such as fishing, hiking, skiing, and much, much more, this region is truly a camper’s dream. Wyoming has long been a hotspot for campers in search of epic sights, famous trails, and a variety of interesting terrains, and it won’t take you long to figure out why this wondrous region keeps them coming year round.

The Rockies

This legendary and historic stretch of mountains is known as the gateway to the west, and what a gateway it is. Featuring unbelievable snowcapped peaks, vistas of alpine terrain, and dense pine forests stretching across the horizon, the Rockies are truly a camper’s dream. Many individuals venture here from across the world to climb, hike, and camp within one of nature’s very best outdoor settings. Any camping enthusiast should definitely have at least one long motorhome rental stay in the Rockies under their belt.

The California Redwoods

In northern California you will find the famous and majestic redwood forests that feature trees that have lived since prehistoric times. These trees are absolutely massive and make up stunning forests that stretch across rocky terrain for many miles. There is truly no territory elsewhere in the world quite like this one. The Redwoods are a hiker’s dream, featuring many long trails leading through forests of historic trees and featuring overlooks of incredible vistas. Whether you are setting up camp in the forest or sleeping in your motorhome at a park, you will be treated to a full canopy of stars each night. Anybody looking for a hiking getaway in a historic and majestic setting unique to North American should definitely consider this region.

The Southwest

If you really want a wild west experience, don’t overlook the southeastern region on the country. This area features vast deserts, unbelievable rock formations, breathtaking open skies, and a variety of trails and camping spots to accommodate campers and hikers passing through the area. A rugged and gorgeous terrain, the southeast will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time to the Wild West. So if you are looking to get away and recharge with some amazing scenery and an otherworldly feel, then a camping trip to the southeast may be just what you need.

The Adirondacks

This impressive region in upstate New York pretty much has it all when it comes to a camping experience. Not only is there the epic mountain range from which the area derives its name, but there are an abundance of lakes, trails, forests, and meadows that make this one of the largest and most diverse terrains in all of America. No matter if you are looking to take long day hikes, to climb in the mountains, to kayak in the rivers, or row a boat out onto one of the many lakes, if you set up camp in this area you will be able to enjoy any of these opportunities daily. Hiking enthusiasts have long been looking to The Adirondacks for extended camping stays, and you certainly won’t be disappointed should you decide to join them.

The US is an incredible territory for hiking and for extended stays in the regions where there are the most trails and different types of majestic terrains to enjoy. There are dozens of such regions across the country, so you can plan a motorhome rental journey to any such region for an extended stay full of great hiking and amazing sights and activities. The US is an outdoorsman’s dream, so make sure to plan your journey, secure your RV, and hit the road sometime soon.

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