Tips to keep in mind while traveling to Thailand

You’re welcome to Thailand, the travel hub of Southwest Asia where you get to enjoy amazing food, famed beaches, at cheap and friendly prices, world-class diving, amidst other intriguing activities. Just as it’s easy for any individual to travel and have some fun, your parcels can also be left in good hands to come to Thailand.

traveling to Thailand

We are aware of the dubious adult entertainment, the beaches, and fiery food, but people visiting Thailand for the first time may have to deal with surprises as they try to enjoy their holiday. Beyond the packaging, here are a few things you may want to take note of;

The traffic is dangerous and terrible

You may be comfortable with the 50cc scooter, the dog weaving through traffic and the three wielding monks, but Thailand hasn’t been doing well considering the record built on road safety, with not less than 90 lives lost a day, with drunk and unlicensed tourists adding to the statistics.

Trust me, the food is far better than you’ve read

While you may think you’ve read about how Thai foods are being prepared or what makes up their combination, you may be surprised with the unusual combinations of ingredients and selection. What makes Thailand distinct when it comes to their dishes is how they’ve been able to make a name carrying out an experiment with adventurous choices.

You still have to avoid some dishes

You may consider their dishes to be great, but it’s of high importance to consider certain Thai menus that do not show illustrative pictures or offer English translations. You may not want to get yourself familiar with certain Thai dishes to avoid stomach wrenching. Dishes like Goong Ten (salad made with live shrimp), or Kai Yiew Ma (eggs stored in horse urine) may not be a good choice.

The parcel delivery system is great

We all are aware of the fact that parcel delivery to Thailand hasn’t been cheaper or easier, and this is due to their heavily established farming exports, tourist industries, and industrial exports, and with the variety of parcels that are being exported and imported every week and month, your only choice may be to try one that is offering the cheapest and easiest service. Putting that in mind, you may want to consider ParcelABC while looking to deliver parcels to Thailand.

Sales of alcohol are forbidden in the afternoon

You may want to reduce your urge for alcohol between the hours of 7 am to 11 am, because the only time you’ll be getting into a liquor store is between 11 am to 2 pm, so keep that in mind while in Thailand, you don’t want to get busted.

Thais are generally conservative

There’s no crime attached to wearing skin-flaunting bikinis at the pool or beach, but you may want to dress well in public places, that is why fishermen pants with shawls are always made available for tourists who seem forgetful, so you may want to carry out a rain-check on your wardrobe before setting out.

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