Things to Do In Kufri

Kufri is among the world famous skiing destinations. In the winter season, the meandering paths of potato cultivation turn to an amazing ski track. Apart from skiing, some of the popular amusements are hiking and tobogganing through the snow cladded slopes. People generally visit Kufri to experience the adrenaline rush of various adventure games. However, you shouldn’t worry at all if adventures are not your cup of tea. Pony and yak rides are also exciting and popular in Kufri. Consider taking a ride to the trekking destinations and witness the allure and charm of nature. Every year in the month of February, winter sports are held. Kufri is the perfect place where you can get lost through the panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks, especially when it comes to Kedarnath and Badrinath.

  • Skiing

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Skiing is one of the most important reasons why tourists make a wish to visit Kufri. The sport is quite popular in the winter months. For this reason, Kufri is also known as the skiing capital of Shimla. The high altitude and beautiful slopes are the perfect conditions for experiencing the rush and gallop of skiing. From amateur to professional, all types of skiers can have their complete bliss as Kufri offers a number of destinations for skiing. Every winter in the month of February, the travel and tourism department of Himachal Pradesh organizes winter festival in which skiing and tobogganing are the most popular.

  • Himalayan National Park

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The Himalayan National Park extends over an area of 90 hectares. It is one of the ideal places for animal and birds lovers. This place is home to north-western biodiversity like oak, blue pine, holly, cedar, spruce, deodar and many. Apart from the animal and plant species, you can also witness one of the most incredible sights of the Himalayan Mountains. The Park remains open from 10.00 in the morning to 4.00 in the evening, except on Mondays. Entry fees are applicable, and the Park lies on the intersection of Kandaghat-Chail-Kufri Road. Whether it’s a guided tour or simply exploring, The Himalayan National Park in Kufri is one of the refreshing points in the entire trip.

  • Yak rides

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Various places in India offer horse rides, but very few in terms of yak rides and Kufri is one of them. The concept of yak ride is unique and exciting than horse rides. Enjoy your trip while galloping around through the beautiful rocky and muddy trails. A yak ride through the forest path is one of the most scintillating as it offers the view of panoramic mountain ranges alongside. Yak ride is compulsory in the winter months as you’ll be amazed to see how thy function in the bone-chilling cold of Kufri.

  • Horse riding

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Considering the beauty of Kufri, one can explore the town riding on horseback. It is the most classic way of gazing the natural grandeur of the neighbouring mountains, valleys and of course the charm of locals. Each ride will certainly provide an unforgettable experience, especially towards the rough terrain and rocky trails. When it comes to horse riding, you should never underestimate the episode of Mahashu Peak. You can easily reach the top and will be amazed to see the surrounding natural beauty. Not only should you opt for, but horse riding is a necessity when it comes to Kufri.

  • Kufri Fun World

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When it comes to entertainment, Kufri Fun World is the best place to make a visit. It is a great place for kids. It is located on top of Mahashu Peak at the elevation of 9000 ft. The Park has various amusement rides both for kids and adults to experience the utmost adrenaline rush. One of the most important things in Kufri Fun World is go-karting tracks. The Park enlists its name among the world highest go-karting tracks. To reach the Park, consider hiking through the mountains or simply hire a pony that can carry your weight. Kufri Fun World also has a canteen that offers some of the best Himachali cuisines to suit your cravings.

It is suggested to hire a travel agent or guide who can help you visit the tourist spot with ease and advanced information to make every moment special.

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