Solo Cruises: Your Ultimate Guide for Cruising Solo

If you’re looking to travel around the world and make new friends while you’re at it, a solo cruise is a wonderful vacation choice.

You might not want to wait for a travel partner to take you to a destination. Solo vacations can be a great way to spend time alone and introspectively.

When you travel alone, you don’t have to rough it, backpack, or plan everything yourself.

You can make your solo cruise vacation an unforgettable experience if you follow these tips once you find the best cruise deals you’re looking for.

Is it affordable to go on a solo cruise?

Taking a solo cruise does not require you to stick with a budget cruise line or spend a fortune. The good news is that you won’t have to pay the “single supplement” anymore when booking a double occupancy stateroom for just one person, which cruise lines do when someone books a double occupancy stateroom and pays an additional fee.

The price of a single stateroom can be just as affordable as other types of vacation experiences, if not more so.

How should solo travelers choose cruises?

Interested in spending time on a beach with white sand crystal-clear waters? It is likely you will be introduced to people who share your interests and a sense of adventure if you take a 7- or 10-night Caribbean cruise.

You can tour ruins thousands of years old in Greece or visit ancient churches in Italy on some of the best cruises for history buffs.

There are plenty of options for cruisers traveling alone.

How about solo cruises for seniors?

With a cruise tailored to their interests, senior citizens can experience a worry-free vacation with world-class accommodations. We offer a wide range of onboard activities, from exciting entertainment and live music to speaker series and guided meditations.

Guests on solo cruises can enjoy all the world has to offer with accessible staterooms and excursions for people of all mobility levels.

During your solo cruise, these tips will help you make new friends

The fact that you are cruising solo does not mean you will be alone. Creating memories and making friends on board is easy with these tips.

Meet the Crew on Your Solo Cruise

You can feel comfortable in a lounge while cruising solo by finding a bartender you get along with so you can have your own “local” bar.

Often you will see your cruise director walking around the ship, so get to know him. You may get insider tips on upcoming activities or entertainment if they know you are a solo cruise passenger.

The first night, go out and mingle

If you have traveled a long way to reach your solo cruise and are feeling tired from the journey, you might be tempted to unwind in your stateroom the first evening. A cruise is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and spend time in public areas.

Dining with new people is fun

The Main Restaurant and specialty restaurants are great places to meet people and enjoy a fun meal.

You will likely be fascinated by people who travel alone. They will want to know you better, and they will enhance their own dining experience by doing so. On vacation, even couples like to socialize with new people. Because you’re all travelers who love to travel, it’s easy to swap travel stories.

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