Renting a Party Bus for a Family Reunion

The family reunion planning had one problem after another. Once we finally agreed on the date to have it, then we had to work out where it was going to be held. We spent a lot of time seeing who might be interested in going so we could have a working count to figure out the best place to hold it. A local public park where you can rent a building and pavilions seemed to be the best option. Most were going to drive to the park themselves, but we chose Platinum Party Bus rentals for Toronto to pick up elderly family members in different local locations.

This worked out very well. The elderly family members were varying in their ability to get around. Many would not like to have to try to get into a standard limousine, but walking up into a party bus was a lot easier. Plus, they could face each other and sit beside each other for the trip to the family reunion and back. I liked it that none of them had to drive there on their own. Some of the older folks, such as my Aunt Edna, only make trips to familiar places such as the grocery store in their cars.

The air conditioned bus was a quiet place for a few to retreat to in order to have a place to talk. The inside of the building and the pavilion had kids running around and playing. The bus also was stocked with drinks and snacks. After the reunion I had many older family members tell me how they really liked the bus, especially since they could go back to it and just sit and talk with others their own age where they could actually hear themselves think. All in all the day went great. Everyone had a good time, and everyone got back home safely.

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