Pros of Having the B1 and B2 Non Immigrant Visas

Pros of Having the B1 and B2 Non Immigrant Visas

When you are anticipating traveling to United States, there are some visa classifications that are available for you, in order to get the permit. Here, explained are the two visa classifications that helps you in visiting united state temporarily are the B1 and B2 non immigrant visa for the US. The B1 and B2 visas is among the classifications of non-immigrant visas issued by the government of United States for the foreign citizens, who are seeking entry in the US for a short period of time.

What are B1 and B2 Visas?

The B1 and B2 visas are for the foreigners, who travel to United States and plan to return to their home land within a short period of time later on. These visas are useful for momentary visits of as long as one year. In particular, the B1 visa is for business visits while the B2 visa is for travelling, amusement visits, as well as medical related visits.

Be that as it may, since numerous individuals end up doing both, the two visas are regularly issued together as a joint B1 and B2 visa. This implies you can visit the nation a few times on both excursions for work as well as for travelling purposes in the event that you need.

There are no points of limitation in the quantity of B1 and B2 non immigrant visas which are issued each year. The B1 and B2 visa is US visa that licenses those people who are willing to visit US for business, treatment and travelling purposes.

Benefits of B1 and B2 visas

  • The handling time of these visas is exceptionally speedy.
  • The concerned authorities are likewise quick in giving out these visas.
  • You can get the B1 visa for business purposes.
  • You can get the B2 visa to visit family, to travel and get medical care.
  • The individuals likewise visit neighboring nations, for example Canada and Mexico by acquiring tourist visa.
  • You can get these Visas for a timeframe of 10 years in some exceptional cases.

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