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How to Determine Your Medical Travel Insurance Coverage if You Are Over 75 or a Senior

Chances are if you are over 75 years old, you also have a pre-existing medical condition. Fortunately, some of the insurance platforms that feature medical travel insurance make it easy for seniors to choose an insurance plan. Sites allow you to compare over-75 coverage for various insurers. In many instances, there are no age limits on the plans, and a variety of medical conditions are covered as well.

Policy Limitations Regarding Age

However, that being said, some insurers will not offer medical travel insurance to anyone over the age of 75 years old. These companies enforce this kind of policy in order to keep the cost of the coverage low. Some insurers feel that older travellers are much too high of risk to insure and will put a cap on the age of policyholders they insure.

Take a Careful Look at Your Options

Again, if you are 75 years old or older, you probably already have a pre-existing medical condition, which is another reason why older travellers often have to refer to specific platforms in order to obtain coverage. If you fall under this classification and have a pre-existing condition, you need to declare the condition to ensure that your policy stays in force and does not become invalid. Therefore, you have to compare your medical travel insurance for over 75 year-olds with due diligence.

Where Do You Plan to Travel?

The geographic destination also affects the cost of the premium. Some places in the world have a higher standard of health care—a privatised system that costs more to implement. Therefore, the insurance premiums are higher as well. Places like Malta, Greece, Cypress, and Spain operate under privatised systems, thereby costing the insured more money.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and are 60+ years of age, it usually costs a substantial amount of money to obtain medical treatment in such countries as Canada, the USA, China, the Caribbean, and Hong Kong. Repatriation back to Europe can cost a significant amount as well, especially if you go back to Europe from these locations.

In the world of medical travel insurance, a pre-existing condition is a buzzword that gains a lot of notice from both the insurer and the insured. While you may be able to see many attractions and sites in Britain and Europe at a reduced rate, you simply cannot say the same, in some cases, for medical travel policies.

In some instances, the prices can take a leap for every five or ten years of age. Other companies will not increase premiums until the insured becomes 70 years old. A blanket explanation from insurers for premium increases is the potential for a claim. Older people, say insurers, fall sick more frequently and have a tendency to experience more accidents. Therefore, treatment is more expensive as well.

Many 80-year-olds who apply for medical travel insurance are just as healthy as people twenty years younger. However, the insurance industry does not make this distinction as it is calculating its premium costs on averages. Insurers want to ensure that they create a win-win situation for themselves. While they will charge you more on your premium for a pre-existing condition, they will not lower the premium if you are in excellent health for your age.

With that being said, it is best to look at policies that are not necessarily the lowest cost overall but one that will give you the coverage you need for the best price. Therefore, you need to have a careful look through a summary of coverage costs before you can arrive at the best premium price.

The Multi-Trip Plan

If you really like to travel or like to take excursions five times or more each year, your best choice just might be to choose an annual multi-trip plan—a policy that will cover your travel for the year. A coverage of this type is continuous and convenient. You do not have to keep purchasing a policy. Plus, the coverage takes effect as soon as a reservation is made.

However, typically, the upper age limits for this kind of coverage are usually lower than if you buy insurance for a single trip. So, if you do find a multi-trip plan that falls within your age range, make sure you carefully scrutinise the coverage for the benefits.

If you plan to take a cruise, some companies will offer special coverage for holidays of this type, which may, in the long run, be a better value. Usually, these policies feature a higher age limit than a standard type plan. Again, if you plan to travel outside European boundaries, your policy’s premium can be substantial, because of the high cost of health care outside of Europe, especially in North America.

The additional expense applies to the Caribbean too, since visitors are often repatriated to the U.S. for medical treatment for an injury suffered in this locale. Repatriation covers the medical evacuation of a patient,and therefore does not extend to medical treatment. The method of evacuation is determined by the traveller’s location and condition.

In less severe evacuations, a patient is typically transported by airplane before being transferred to a commercial airliner. Other more serious evacuations may include identification of the proper air transport as well as a medical escort. Repatriation may also include the use of special breathing equipment, such as an oxygen tank.

Considering a Waiver

In some conditions, if you are older, it is a good idea to add a pre-existing condition waiver to your policy. With the waiver, you are provided benefits should an illness related to your condition disrupt your holiday.

For instance, if you are traveling overseas and have to cut your trip short, because you don’t feel well as the result of your condition, your travel interruption coverage would apply. Or, if you had a relapse connected with your condition, and you had to seek medical help, your costs would be covered under the stipulations that were set by your insurance company. If you don’t request a waiver, you are not eligible for these kinds of benefits.

Air Travel

Knowing what You Can Do when your Flight is Cancelled

There are many reasons for flights to be grounded including air traffic, bad weather, mechanical failures, volcanic eruptions and air traffic control strikes. Unluckily, this can lead to passengers getting stuck abroad. In case you experience this kind of situation, you can consider the following tips and guidance so you reach your destination as soon as possible.

Information Sources

Check for any possible disruptions before flying with an airline. Any problems are detailed on the website or social media fees of the website. Any disruption is likely to be reportedly related agencies.

Legal Rights

If you travel from an airport in the European Union or to an EU airport from a country outside it, you have the passenger right to either get a ticket refund or alternative transport to your destination if you fly when an EU airline in case the flight is cancelled. Such is a requirement under the Denied Boarding Regulations of the European Union. This rule does not apply if you travel with an EU airline and your flight leaves from a non-EU country.

Replacement Flight

If you choose to continue your travel, the airline must look for an alternative transport for you. Depending on your location, you can make an arrangement in the airport, call the customer service or visit the website of the airline. A situation like this requires your patience especially in case disruption is serious and has resulted in flight cancelations. However, it is the responsibility of the airline to let you reach your destination. If you prefer this option, you will be provided with drinks and food as you wait for the replacement flight. If such flight is not due on the same day, you will be provided transfers and accommodation.


You can also prefer to get a flight delay refund form your carrier. This is a better option if, for instance, you can get to your final destination through another mode of transportation. But, know that if you prefer this option, the airline will not be obliged to cover any extra food, accommodation and drink costs.


In case your flight is cancelled or delayed and the airline is at fault, you may get air flight delay compensation. But, the airline does not have to offer compensation if the cancelation or delay is caused by unusual circumstances like weather conditions.

Making a Claim

In a number of cases, you may have to initially pay for expenses and then make a later claim. Because of this, it makes sense to ensure that you have enough emergency credit or cash before you leave your country of origin so you can deal with things like these. As you reach your target destination, you can directly call your insurance provider or the airline to make a claim.

The majority of airlines and insurance companies have a claims form that you can fill out and submit. Often, you have to find this on their site or contact their customer service team to know where to find it.

Hotel & Resort

Book Luxury Ski Chalets in Courchevel for a World Class Skiing Vacation

Nestled in the French Alps, the Courchevel ski resort is one of the most popular luxury ski resorts in Europe. The elite of Europe gather at the resort to enjoy the abundant powder during ski season or to attend après ski events. For couples looking for a romantic hideaway, the luxury ski chalets Courchevel offer the beautiful views and privacy a couple desires during their stay.

There are also chalets large enough to accommodate family and friends who wish to stay together. Some of the chalets offer accommodations that will comfortably fit 10 to 12 people. There are over 50 chalets offered in Courchevel to people who want to experience a great skiing atmosphere in one of the world’s top ski resorts.

Information about Courchevel

The Courchevel ski resort is a large resort made up of four different towns. They include Courchevel 1300, Le Praz; Courchevel 1550; Courchevel 1650, Moriond and Courchevel 1850. Each area is named for how high up in the mountains it is located in meters. Courchevel 1850 is the most well-known area of the resort and the area most often used for the resort’s marketing campaigns.

Accommodation Amenities

The luxurious accommodations at Courchevel not only offer stunning views, but they also offer privacy and some of the best skiing at the resort. Most of the chalets are ski in/ski out, they offer fully equipped kitchens, WIFI, television, bioethanol fireplaces, private saunas, Jacuzzis and a washer and dryer for cleaning your clothes during your stay.

Some of the chalets also have easy access for people who have disabilities, and you can book a guard while staying in Courchevel if you need the extra security. If you drove to the resort, you can book a chalet with a private garage to keep your vehicle out of the cold. Everything is included to make your stay at Courchevel as comfortable as possible.

What Else You Can Do at Courchevel

While many people book a stay at Courchevel to experience its world class alpine skiing, there are other things to do at the ski resort when you’re not on the mountain. People who like to cook can take lessons from a two-star Michelin chef, there are historical sites to explore or you can visit the spa for a massage.

For the more adventurous, Courchevel also offers activities such as ice climbing, skydiving, hiking and helicopter tours.

There is plenty of opportunity to buy or rent a snowboard, skis and other equipment that you may need for your visit at the resort. There are several shops where you can also buy new clothes, pick up a bottle of wine or buy handcrafted chocolates to enjoy during a romantic night in your luxury chalet.

Courchevel offers plenty to do at the resort that will keep members of your party occupied or, if you want to hide away with your love, you can do that as well. For those who love skiing, the Courchevel resort is the perfect place to take the dream vacation of a lifetime.


Experiences for Every Visitor and Vacationer in Milan

If you are visiting Milan anywhere in the year 2016, there are some exciting new things coupled with classic choices that you can indulge in. Here are some great things at a glance with reasons on why Milan should be your preferred destination.

Head to the Duomo Roof

Well, as cliché as it may sound, you cannot come to Milan and miss the Duomo Roof (yes, the cathedral), from where you can check the beauty of the city. Not many known that one can actually head to the roof of the cathedral using an elevator. Sadly, many days are smoggy and getting a view of the mountains might seem like a tough job, but don’t worry because the experience is still worth it.

A trip to the Milan Fair 2016

Happening between the months of May and October of 2016, the Milan Fair 2016 is real fun and happening. This is an event that has some serious issues like food safety and healthy lifestyle in the core, but you will be happy to find some 130 countries participating. Also, it is expected to get some odd 29 million visitors this year and some of the important issues relating to agriculture and food will be discussed at the pavilions. If you are up for something offbeat in Milan, this is something worth indulging your mind, not just for this generation but for the future too.

Check with Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper

Well, getting tickets for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper visit might seem like a tough call, but there’s no way that you can miss this one. The “The Last Supper” tickets are often sold out months ahead in advance in some of the seasons, and that happens even in the low seasons too. It is advisable to plan well ahead in advance, and given that the tickets are available online, your job is quite half done.

Shop till you drop

Being one of the most preferred spots for fashion lovers, Milan has some great shopping options, although much of it means splurging. Head to the stunning streets of Quadrilatero d’Oro and you can find people indulging in it like money was never an issue. Check some of the best brands at the world and spend time in getting a taste of the local food (By the way, Milan does have its signature dishes).

Go to the Castello Sforzesco

Known as the castle of Milan, this one is unlike many ones you have seen around the world, because it isn’t on a hill. Inside the castle, you have many museums, which are worth checking for the love of history. The park of the castle us also good, but it is mainly the courtyard. You can also have a check on the Rondanini Pietà, which is located in the art museum and is the last sculpture by Michelangelo.


A Thrilling Adventure Vacation is simply a Look Away

What degree of adventure vacation fits your needs? You have to request yourself this before booking your departure date. What comprises a journey holiday for one individual might be greater than another are designed for. You’ll need to consider how old you are and then any physical restrictions you might have before starting on the rigorous adventure vacation.

When many people think about vacation they think about a safari in Africa. You will find various sorts of safaris as well as luxury safaris, which kind of decreases around the adventure part. Many tour operators run led tours and safaris through game reserves in Africa. Kenya is among the most widely used nations to visit and you’re able to undergo Masai Mara National Reserve in Land Rovers, clicking away together with your camera. You will notice lions, leopards, buffaloes, tigers, and rhinos because they trek in the Serengeti with the massive park.

Alaska is a superb place to go for a journey vacation and you will find a number of ways to visit. You are able to travel by rail if you would like or fly within the Denali inside a private plane, recognizing polar bears in the air. The elements can alter drastically from day-to evening to day so bring plenty of clothing that you could layer on and remove in a rush. The wildlife is abundant and you’ll see caribou, baby wolves, bears, and eagles all residing in their natural settings.

You will find several Guatemala nations that provide adventure travel packages. Many people visit U.S. friendly nations for example Panama, Belize, or Panama And Nicaragua ,, but there are also great low-cost adventure travel packages in Nicaragua. A journey visit to these beautiful nations usually includes a while put in natural rainforests. You are able to kayak through lush rivers, zip line with the jungle canopy, or hike through age range-old forests. Hunters are not left out as well. There are quite a number of hunting treks and big fish hunts by the use of tactical equipment, or guns the type of shotguns and assembled AR-10 rifles or any other weapon preferred by the hunter. Many of these nations offer dive adventure holidays where one can skin dive onto pristine reefs and underwater caves. Sport fishing is abundant around the coast and you may spend your day wrestling giant marlin or swordfish.

In Panama And Nicaragua , there’s one tour guide that can take yourself on a river boat trip then will get out and feeds giant crocodiles manually close to the Tarcoles Bridge, also called the Crocodile Bridge due to the 100s of crocs that go swimming there. This crazy adventure tour guide takes raw chicken parts from a bucket and really tosses them in to the mouths of untamed crocodiles which are a minimum of 15 ft lengthy.