How to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Visit to A Holiday Campsite or Cabin

A trip to a campsite or a cabin where you can rest and enjoy nature is the dream of many. What better way to see the sunrise from the mountains or the sunset on the shore of a lake?

However, you must be aware of the risks of visiting a campsite and the preventive measures you must take to be safe and enjoy your stay fully. A rural place will need different security measures than a city apartment.

Due to its particular characteristics, a residence located in the countryside requires exceptional security. Usually, a cabin situated in a rural environment has a small garden, and the doors and windows are at street level. These particularities mean that the security measures needed to protect it are specifically designed for these type of homes.

Below, you will find some tips that will allow you to be safe and have everything you need when visiting a holiday campsite or cabin.

Wild animals

You may not find a dingo outside your cabin, maybe possums or kangaroos are common. Wild animals can be experts at stealing, so be careful when you take food or goods to the yard or garden because they will undoubtedly try to take them with them.

Also, be cautious with the flora, that is, plants, as some can be highly toxic, causing allergies or diseases. The same occurs with their fruits. Explain clearly to children why they should not eat or touch them.


It is usually challenging to ensure that an area is completely free of threats and risks; however, a reasonable effort can always be made. Identify where the nearest police station is and how you can be in contact with them.

Also, do not hesitate to surround your cabin with a beautiful fence. Keep light all around and install security cameras if you think necessary. Also, remember to follow any “safety signs” or park guidelines.

Means of communication

Take account of the routes to get to or from the site, and also the way you can get in touch with other people, either by phone, message or video. There are usually not many communication networks of the latter type, and the roads are often not the most ideal.

Always lock

Do not forget to install a physical security system, such as a lock. Never forget to close it every time you leave, even if it is a simple walk. Never leave the second pair of keys near the house. Having a solid door and a quality lock will allow you to protect the entrance to the cabin with greater success.

Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Store your most precious jewels and goods well, so that they are not easy to steal. You can choose to put them in a safe or store them in hard to reach places. Remember, even if you are in an isolated area, you never know if someone with bad intentions is going to pass near your cabin or campsite.

Take the right kind of supplies.

Keep in mind that campsites or cabins are usually away from civilization, precisely to get away from the stressful routine of the city. Therefore, water, electricity and pipes are not exactly as functional as they are in the city.

Remember to bring the necessary food and water, change clothes if it rains, and bring insect repellent, flashlights and batteries so you can cope with any emergency.

If you prefer, you can search for a NSW caravan and camping park where you can access these services more efficiently.

With these tips, you can enjoy and relax without worrying that no unexpected person will take you by surprise. Remember that your safety comes first.

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