Convincing My Friends to Rent a Party Bus in Toronto

Some friends were talking about getting tickets for a playoff game. Then they got serious about going as a group. They were talking about driving their own cars and meeting in the parking lot at the game. Some folks were going to bring some tailgating supplies to feed the group and provide beverages. Everyone was going to chip in for the cost. Then I suggested we add a few more bucks each to just get a party bus in Toronto to take us all in one group. The bus has storage for all of our gear, and we could all ride together.

The cost per person would probably not be as much as the gas and parking cost if we all went separately. Then we could all talk on the way in and have a safe ride back out of the city when we were all tired. Plus, I knew that many of the guys would be having a beer or two or three. They surely needed someone to drive them back home. I suggested that a party bus in Toronto would be the best and safest idea for our game day trip.

When you consider the cost of fuel for taking individual cars, trucks and vans, and you consider the cost of parking, tolls and even wear and tear on the vehicles, group pricing for renting a party bus to get to and from a place makes more sense. It is going to cost everyone that goes anyway, so why not spend it on a way to get there and back that is a whole lot more fun than driving there yourself? I guess my ideas sold the group, because we were calling and booking a party bus in Toronto for the trip to the game the very next day.

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