Trips for groups – accommodation and transportation

Groups of people strolling along the Old Town is an usual sight. And they’re not only students. Groups of friends, families, summer camp groups, women and men for bachelor/bachelorettes party – they all come here. So, how to choose a transport and accommodation for a large group so that it would not ruin our budged and the wonderful memories won’t be spoilt by the organisation issues.

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Krakow – how about a hostel?

A good hostel in Krakow will let us enjoy the city for a fair price. This form of accommodation is a great combination of location and price. It is essential for group trips. The requirements of a good hostel are listed below, and even though they are rather universal, one hostel fulfils them all – Draggo House.

  • The standard is the quality of the service. Even though, some do not come here to explore to hostels, the place should be clean and equipped within the standards. In Draggo House you will find much more than just that. The accommodation for groups in Krakow are on a high standard. Modern interior, Wi-Fi, Smart TV, separate bathrooms for each room, single, double and shared rooms, charging docs, night lamps and comfortable beds – all in a good price.
  • For a hostel in Krakow to be called a good place, it must have a proper location. Nice rooms are for nothing if it’s far to get anywhere. Timing – that is essential while organising a group trip. If everything is near (the main attractions at least), we might have more time for fun and relax. It’s important that a trip would be something pleasant and not a stressful point to point rush. Hostel Draggo in Krakow is by the Gołębia street in the Old Town. Two minutes to the Main Square and 8 to Wawel Castle – is there anything better?
  • A good location requires a good transportation points. Let’s hear about it below.

Transport in Krakow

A transport form and to the city is important, as well as travelling inside of it.  Hostel Droggo’s asset is that it’s close to the Main Train Station and is surrounded by bus stops for commune transport. We can walk or ride, or we can use a bus that we came in to Krakow.

Outside the city there is an airport Karków-Balice, which is for our foreign visitors.

What about individual tourists?

Although, the article focuses mainly on the group transportation and accommodation, many of the arguments apply to the individual tourists as well. Draggo House in the Old Town is welcoming them with open doors.


Why You Should Book a European River Cruise for Your Family in 2022?

Families can spend their holidays and reunions together by cruising through Europe. A European River Cruise is a great way to spend time with family members. For instance, there are many cruise lines that have family-oriented itineraries that have suite cabins, family perks, children’s activities, and reduced prices for young children. If you have been looking for a great way to explore Europe with your family, then you should try cruising.

It saves money

Cruises help families to save money and stick to a budget. This is due to the inclusive prices which cater for most things while onboard the ship. You will not have to worry about paying for activities or meals because entertainment, food, and shipboard events are usually included in the total cruise price.

There are entertainment activities for children

Many ships have supervised and structured facilities and recreation activities for teens, tweens, children, and toddlers. For instance, some ships have playrooms for kids and others have babysitting services with babysitting fees. Moreover, some ships have tailored their itineraries to feature water activities that teens can enjoy during the voyage. There is indeed something for everyone.

Grownups can relax while children are playing

Many ships have areas where only adults can take some time off to enjoy themselves and relax. It will look like a mini vacation within a vacation. These places are usually quiet with hot tubs, pools, bar services, and spas. The parents can enjoy their alone time as the children are being entertained and supervised by a dedicated team of staff in the evening. For example, some ships have programs where children have dinner then are escorted to entertainment areas where they will be supervised as the adults are left to enjoy their dessert or other activities like going in a hot tub on a starry night.

Bond and have an adventure together

You and your loved ones can explore Europe together on family-friendly onshore excursions. You can visit world-renowned museums, top tourist attraction sites, quaint little towns, historical sites and experience the different cultures and cuisines together.

Stress-free travelling

After you have booked the voyage for your family, all you have to do is show up on the embarking date and enjoy the experience. You will not have to worry about things like sightseeing tours, accommodation, entertainment or the restaurants you will dine in. You will sail along a river, visiting small and large cities and exploring the continent and you will only have to pack and unpack once.

Cruising along a river with relatives and friends may be the best way of escaping the routine of vacations and holidays. Cruising is stress-free because everything will be taken care of by the staff. Moreover, you will save money, there will be family-friendly itineraries, you may get family group discounts and you will bond with your loved ones. You and your loved ones will experience the joys of European river cruises and exploring all of the different countries. You will create new memories and traditions that will last years to come.


How to Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Visit to A Holiday Campsite or Cabin

A trip to a campsite or a cabin where you can rest and enjoy nature is the dream of many. What better way to see the sunrise from the mountains or the sunset on the shore of a lake?

However, you must be aware of the risks of visiting a campsite and the preventive measures you must take to be safe and enjoy your stay fully. A rural place will need different security measures than a city apartment.

Due to its particular characteristics, a residence located in the countryside requires exceptional security. Usually, a cabin situated in a rural environment has a small garden, and the doors and windows are at street level. These particularities mean that the security measures needed to protect it are specifically designed for these type of homes.

Below, you will find some tips that will allow you to be safe and have everything you need when visiting a holiday campsite or cabin.

Wild animals

You may not find a dingo outside your cabin, maybe possums or kangaroos are common. Wild animals can be experts at stealing, so be careful when you take food or goods to the yard or garden because they will undoubtedly try to take them with them.

Also, be cautious with the flora, that is, plants, as some can be highly toxic, causing allergies or diseases. The same occurs with their fruits. Explain clearly to children why they should not eat or touch them.


It is usually challenging to ensure that an area is completely free of threats and risks; however, a reasonable effort can always be made. Identify where the nearest police station is and how you can be in contact with them.

Also, do not hesitate to surround your cabin with a beautiful fence. Keep light all around and install security cameras if you think necessary. Also, remember to follow any “safety signs” or park guidelines.

Means of communication

Take account of the routes to get to or from the site, and also the way you can get in touch with other people, either by phone, message or video. There are usually not many communication networks of the latter type, and the roads are often not the most ideal.

Always lock

Do not forget to install a physical security system, such as a lock. Never forget to close it every time you leave, even if it is a simple walk. Never leave the second pair of keys near the house. Having a solid door and a quality lock will allow you to protect the entrance to the cabin with greater success.

Do not leave valuables in plain sight.

Store your most precious jewels and goods well, so that they are not easy to steal. You can choose to put them in a safe or store them in hard to reach places. Remember, even if you are in an isolated area, you never know if someone with bad intentions is going to pass near your cabin or campsite.

Take the right kind of supplies.

Keep in mind that campsites or cabins are usually away from civilization, precisely to get away from the stressful routine of the city. Therefore, water, electricity and pipes are not exactly as functional as they are in the city.

Remember to bring the necessary food and water, change clothes if it rains, and bring insect repellent, flashlights and batteries so you can cope with any emergency.

If you prefer, you can search for a NSW caravan and camping park where you can access these services more efficiently.

With these tips, you can enjoy and relax without worrying that no unexpected person will take you by surprise. Remember that your safety comes first.

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Keep your skin healthy during your vacation, know how

Traveling can take a toll on your skin, especially if you are traveling from one city to another. As the temperature, the pattern of living and food habits changes immensely from city to city. We are here to help you prevent your skin from that unwanted tan and discoloration of the skin. But before you could prevent your skin from getting ruined it is very important for you to know, what exactly does harms your skin? There could be many reasons which you did not even know before which can actually cause damage to your skin. It could be improper diet, lack of hydration, hectic schedules, changing weathers or your ignorance.

Here are some smart tips which can make your skin look healthy and fresh while traveling;

  1. Moisturising is the key

Ensure to moisturize your skin the night before you travel. This habit will not only hydrate your skin but also make your skin look supple and fresh. Also, it will help you protect your skin from the adverse climatic conditions. Direct contact with sunlight or intense cold weather can make your skin dry and damaged. You keep reapplying your favorite moisturizer when you feel your skin is drying out due to bad weather conditions. This will help you maintain your skin and keep it soft and supple, irrespective of the weather conditions.

  1. Sunscreen be your saviuor

Many are not aware of the fact, though it is not sunny outside the UV rays emitted by the sun has a harsh effect on your skin. To protect your skin from this rays make sure you apply your SPF irrespective of the season. This will keep your skin protected from sunburns and tanning. Also, excessive exposure of skin to the sun can make your age faster. Therefore, I call sunscreen as your savior and ideal product to save you from the sun. You can also keep reapplying it as per your requirement or after every 2-3 hours to make your sunscreen work best for your skin. Let say you are traveling to Mumbai the climate it is very humid and harsh for your skin you need to keep your sunscreen handy when you are here. You cannot think of exploring Mumbai without protecting your skin from the sun. But what you can do is schedule your Delhi to Mumbai flights when the temperature in Mumbai is bearable and not harsh.

  1. Keep your cleanser handy

Traveling attracts a lot of dirt and dust which gets accumulated on your skin and cause breakouts. To avoid this you can use a cleanser which washes out all the muck and keeps your skin clean and fresh. And it is advisable to keep your cleanser with you all the time since a change in skin care products can have side effects on your skin and cause vacation breakout.

  1. Opt for comfort clothing

When you are on vacation you engage yourself in a lot of activities like trekking, games or simply hover around the streets and explore the places. To keep yourself going, you need to dress comfortably, it will also save you from skin problems like irritation, itching, and rashes which can appear due to tight and uncomfortable clothing. Try wearing loose clothes as much as possible to keep skin infections like eczema and heat bumps away which are mainly caused due to inappropriate and tight clothing. If you notice any kind of skin allergy or infection you immediately need to consult the specialist and take care as guided by the specialist.


All-Inclusive Golfing Holidays for Brief or Extended Vacations

Attempting to plan such a massive trip on your own can be incredibly frustrating. Securing your lodging, deciding on your destinations, and integrating all activities can be quite difficult, which is why there are pre-planned trips available for you to purchase.

It can also be considerably more cost-effective to invest in a package deal, especially for golfing trips where there will be frequent travel. Australian golfing holidays are organised and ready for you to get started. They will take you to some of the best golf courses that Australia has to offer and everything is entirely set up for you.

Multi-Destination Golfing Holidays

Extended golfing holidays have you spending up to 17 days and nights experiencing the vast Australian landscapes, incredible dining destinations, and, of course, the great game of golf.

Over the course of your holiday, you will visit a variety of golf courses, all professionally selected and expertly arranged for a simple transition from location to location, which will be included in your holiday package. Other inclusions may include all of the following:

  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at a variety of restaurants and dining locations
  • All lodging and travel, including transfer to each golf course
  • Winery tours that may include VIP access
  • Tours of cityscapes
  • Traditional sightseeing
  • Golfing at various locations

With a handful of unique packages available, actual activities and excursions may vary from package to package, ensuring that you find one that’s perfect for you.

While golf tours in Australia focus on an incredible golfing experience, this luxury is also maintained throughout the entire trip. With both beachfront and city-side hotels, you will experience a variety of lodging and witness some of the greatest sights that Australia has to offer.

Most golfing packages are arranged to accommodate up to four people but can often be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Short Trips

Shorter trips are also available and while they may be short, typically lasting around three or four nights, they still intend to maximise your experience.

Most of the time, this will simply include a single hotel and a single golf course but this also means that your schedule may be significantly more relaxed and there are no worries about travelling from course to course.

Given that they’re single location, you will be able to choose from a variety of short trips, ensuring that you find a location you enjoy the most, whether it be on the coast or in the valley.

Purchasing a golfing holiday is significantly better than attempting to organise a similar trip on your own. Golfing holidays are perfectly organised to guarantee a smooth and relaxed vacation with little to no planning necessary.