Croatia has rapidly grown into among the most popular destinations in Europe in the last several decades, and here are 25 Awesome places to see in Croatia I believe that you should have in your bucket listing!


A historical city in fundamental Dalmatia, which was set by Croats. Sibenik is particularly renowned for its Cathedral of Saint James, that has been constructed in 1402.


From the Northern region of Croatia, about 80 km from Zagreb, there are Varazdin that’s famous for its numerous baroque buildings in addition to food and songs.

It is often overlooked by international tourists, but it is without a doubt among the most gorgeous areas to go to in Croatia.


Osijek is the cultural centre and biggest city in the area of Slavonia. It’s a very long history and was occupied since Neolithic times.

It had been nearly entirely destroyed following the Ottomans conquered the town in the 1500s, and the Turks reconstructed it into their own original oriental style. Approximately 120 decades after, it had been free from the Habsburg empire, which once more shifted the town.


Were you aware that a lot of this Mamma Mia 2 film had been filmed in Vis? That is correct, however there are several more reasons to go to this enchanting old island.


It includes beautiful scenery with different pathways and lakes where it is possible to walk around. Further within the park, you will find Croatian bears which are roaming the regional forests.


If you would like to see remarkable lands in Croatia, then you have to stop by the Trakoscan Castle at Northern Croatia.


Rovinj is one of the most well-known destinations around the Istrian peninsula and is popularly famous as one of the very scenic and romantic cities in the Mediterranean.

Rovinj has claimed its appeal regardless of the influx of tourists, and even now it is a busy fishing port in which you get the comfy feeling of being at a more compact fishing village.


Hvar is one of the most well-known Croatian islands and has existed for quite a while. In the past few years it has brought a great deal of jet setters, but it had been famous already in early times because of its strategical position.

Hvar also offers a nice climate and gorgeous character to research with vasts areas of olive trees, lavender fields, and vineyards. It’s also renowned for its vibrant nightlife.

Hvar offers its customers a rich cultural heritage, and the island features an outstanding combination of Roman and Gothic architecture in addition to Venetian buildings.


Does it remind one of this Great Wall of China? Ston is a small and charming city in the Southern portions of the nation and it is also renowned for the salt production.


Krka is just another gorgeous nationwide park and among the most gorgeous areas to go to in Croatia should you would like to go for a swim. Due to Plitvice, in which you are not permitted to swim, people may delight in the pools of Krka.


Motovun is a medieval city with a population of merely 531 individuals and that I consider it among the most scenic places to go to in Croatia!


The greatest city in the Makarska Riviera includes some epic background in the shape of the imperial Biokovo mountain range. Down from the centre you may walk around boardwalks lined with palm trees and old historic buildings.

It is a great comparison, and also the old city centre is enchanting with many fine restaurants and pubs too.


Zlatni Rat is particularly famed for its beauty in addition to the tip that changes based on tides, waves, and winds.


Primošten is a gorgeous coastal city between Sibenik and Trogir and it is especially famed for its beautiful temples. Here you’ll also find among the most gorgeous beaches in Croatia, the Mala Raduca.


Dubrovnik immediately became the Most Well-known town in Croatia following being the filming location for King’s Landing at the Game of Thrones TV-Series. However, the popularity of Dubrovnik did not begin out there, and it’s actually been a significant and powerful city in Europe for decades.


Korcula is a gorgeous island which belong into the central Dalmatian archipelago, and it is renowned for the wine and historical city centre.

It’s said that Korcula was set by the Trojan Hero Antenor from the 12th century B.C.


If you are a foodie enthusiast or more particular a Cheese-lover, a trip to the Croatian island of Pag is essential to try. The Pag cheese is famous all around the nation, and it is among the greatest kinds of cheese I have eaten.


Pula is currently home to one of the very well-preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, but it is also a wonderful destination alone. Pula is located in southeast Istria and contains everything you could wish for from a fantastic vacation, including fascinating historical sites.


These uninhabited islands can be seen on a day excursion from Zadar, Sibenik or Split, and if you would like to be daring you can even stay overnight in one of those cottages. It is a wonderful spot to enjoy nature as well as the crystal clear blue waters.


Split is possibly my favourite town in Croatia, and it is among the greatest weekend destinations in Europe. The old city is distinguished by Diocletian’s Palace, which has been built by the Roman emperor from the 3rd century AD.

Additionally, it has a lovely Riva filled with pubs and restaurants where you could sip some fine beverages and people-watch.


Among those historic places to see in Croatia you should not overlook! Trogir is located only 40-minutes push from Split, and it is contained on UNESCO:s listing of World Heritage Sites.

It is amazing to roam around from the older streets and narrow alleys at Trogir.


Here it is possible to attempt ziplining, go biking or rafting simply to mention a couple of enjoyable activities.


Another gorgeous coastal city in the Istria region. Porec includes a historical center that dates back to medieval times, and it is among those lesser known places to see in Croatia!

It is a really charming city with lots of cozy restaurants and pubs.


Were you aware that Hum is the smallest town on earth? It’s just a population of 23 individuals. It is a medieval town located in Central Istria.


Zagreb is frequently overlooked by international tourists, but it is a gorgeous city full of historic buildings, cozy restaurants, and fascinating museums.

A number of decades back, I even rented a apartment for two months in Zagreb, and it was then I found its attractiveness for the first time.

Zagreb is among the greatest places to go to in Croatia for a weekend full of culture and food.

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