A Professional Driver for Our Kids

When my daughter and her friends all decided to pool their money together for a limo for their prom, I was really happy for them. I knew that it would be a great memory for them, and it also gave me and the other parents relief knowing that a professional driver was taking them to their formal dance. When my daughter approached me not long ago about looking into prom limo rentals for graduation parties, I wasn’t sure what she meant. There are so many graduation parties that I thought that it would get to be more money than any of us could comfortably afford.

She had to laugh at me, because she hadn’t been talking about getting a limo for 30 different graduation parties. She thought that it would be a lot of fun for her and her friends to get a limo though and have some fun on their own once their graduation was over. I had no problem with this, and I thought that it would be another great memory for them to have. She talked with her friends, and they all decided that they would like to have a fancy meal at a really nice restaurant in Toronto, and then go to a few different places afterwards.

I talked with the other parents involved, and we all decided that we would chip in and get the limo for them. They could save their money for their shopping spree that they wanted to have after dinner. They wanted 20 of them to go, so it was really not bad at all when the cost was split 20 different ways. The kids were so excited that we were getting them the limo, and we are happy that they once again have a professional driver taking them around the Toronto area!

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