A Luxury Ride for My Grandparents

When my grandparents told me they were coming to visit, I managed to take several days off from work. I was grateful for that, but I was also sad that I would not be able to meet them at the airport when their plane landed because I had a very important business meeting that day. Gramps told me they would rent a car or take a taxi to my house, but I didn’t want him to have to deal with traffic in a city where they’d never been. I looked at the website for the Toronto limo company that my work uses when we need to hire a driver and was happy to get the quote I did on a Lincoln town car.

I don’t have anything against taxi cabs at all, but I also wanted to treat my grandparents to a nicer ride too. They were going to be traveling for several hours between layovers, and I just wanted them to be as comfortable as possible. I knew that a luxury sedan with a professional driver would be preferred over a standard cab, mainly because they are just so much more comfortable.

My own company dispatches the same type of luxury car when we need someone picked up at the airport from corporate, so I was hoping that it would still be affordable for someone like me since I don’t have the same type of expense account that my work does. I was happy to see that the prices for the town car were extremely reasonable, and it was very easy to reserve one for the day and time I needed. My grandparents were very appreciative of it, which is just a very small thing I can do for all the things they have done for me over the years!

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