4 Key Reasons to Take a 2-Day Boston Tour From New York With Your Family

You’re probably wondering where to take your family for their weekend bus trip. Prominent travel experts recommend you should consider visiting Boston. It is one of the most important holiday destinations in America. You won’t regret taking this decision for the rest of your life. There are so many popular venues to go to and events to see. On top of this, this place is also known for its exotic cuisines. It can turn out to be a memorable adventure for all of you.

Boston Tour From New York

Why should you even consider going on A 2 day Boston tour from New York?

The professionals state the following 4 important reasons why your family should visit Boston from New York:

  1. The city is steep in history

Boston is one of the most historically important places in the United States. No one needs to tell you that people in this place did 1776. You already know they first led the revolt against the British Imperialists from school textbooks. That’s how the country becomes an independent nation. There are many prominent sites you can visit with your family to commemorate this event. These include Kings Chapel, the Old North Church, the Granary Burying Ground and the house of Paul Revere. You’ll see the place infamous Boston Massacre. If you’re lucky, your near and dear ones can even take a ride on the Old Town Trolley. It’ll certainly turn out to be an amazing experience for them. This is you should consider opting for a 2 day Boston tour from New York.

  1. Museums worth seeing

Boston boasts of some of the best museums in the North Eastern region of America. Each of these buildings won’t fail to mesmerize your near and dear ones. It can cater to their diverse interests relating to art, history, science, and even maritime travel. Some popular establishments include the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Children’s Museum and the Harvard Museum of Natural History. You could visit the USS Constitution Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art. The specialists even suggest you shouldn’t miss The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

  1. Exquisite gardens and public parks

Many of your family members may simply love the outdoors and adore nature. If this is the case, Boston can turn out to be their most favorite place. It has some of the most popular and oldest public parks in the country. In fact, Boston Commons is a favorite picnic destination for tourists around the world. Many of them never fail visit to the Frog Pond. In the summer season, it’s a convenient spray pool for children. On the other hand, the winter, it turns into a skating rink.

  1. Athens of the country

Boston is known to have some of most of the prestigious educational institutions in the country. It boasts of 57 colleges and is home to many of world’s leading universities. The two most important being Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Every year thousands of the brightest minds come to studies in these establishments.

Taking a 2 day Boston tour from New York with your family can be a worthwhile weekend outing. The above 4 important reasons to do so proves this fact beyond any doubt. It can certainly turn out to be a pleasant adventure.

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